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African American Hair Growth!!!?

Hi, I am an African American woman. I wear mostly braids and get perms atleast twice a year. From the braids, my hair appears to grow, and grow soooo fast. But when I wear my real natural hair, my hair falls out. I don't know how to take care of my hair because I always wear braids. My hair is not EXTREMELY KINKY, but its thick and very frizzy. Kinda soft when I grease it. What I would like to know is how do I get my African American hair to grow? ( I've heard all the myths and other bull about African American hair growth (: )

African American Hair Growth!!!?

the braids are making your natural weak so what you need to do is stop wearing the braids for a whil eand allow you hair to breath a bit and use plenty moist and a good conditioner,but what u also need to remember is that ur hair shed 75-150 a day and even tho you have braids you hair still sheds and when youtake out the braids u loose allthe sheded hair but agian use a very good moisture cream and tha will help...........................Good Luck

African American Hair Growth!!!?

the more you mess with yer hair...the more messed up it gets! leave it alone..natural, get trims here n there....n it will be fine. we overwork our hair to death. it seems like it takes forever to fix...but u gotta leave it alone n let nature take its course!

African American Hair Growth!!!?

massage your scalp that way you can allow blood to flow and nourish the roots, do this for 5 mins even research it on the net and you would see it works.

African American Hair Growth!!!?

dont brush ur all!!!..

only comb it when wet

use plenty of moisturizer

when ur hair is not in braids try to wear protective styles like twists or buns,,

Here is a link that WILL help you out.

African American Hair Growth!!!?

lay off the braids and try olive oil and pure honey mix that up and and put it on ur hair after u wash it for like 30 mins then rinse thoroughly.2ce a month . that's wat i do and it helps. i go through the same thing.

African American Hair Growth!!!?

I think that going from braids to relaxers can be stressful, u also mentioned that "when u wear your real natural hair" so im not sure if this is a third presentation of yr hair or u are referring to when u just dont have the braids in. if u are going from "natural" (fro-like) to briads to perms, thats a lot of stress and yr hair cld be reacting to that by breaking off.

secondly, im not sure that relaxing "at least twice a year" is the right thing to do because the hair grows slighly each month, the relaxer straightens the hair and the new growth coming in wld be in your natural texture...the point at which these two hair textures meet (straightened relaxed hair meets the natural kink or curl of your birth hair) would cause weakness at that my knowledge hair should be relaxed about every 4 weeks or so, depending upon the individual..but going too much more that wld cause breakage

also, braids cannot be tight or there will be hair loss due to the pulling/tightening sensation...while braids can be healthy and growth inducing, too tight braids are not doing a service to you at all.

i would have to say to do what u can to put less stress on your hair..if u really have to relax it (or just want to) use the least harsh, but effective relaxer you can find....however i find that women who wear braids AND relax their hair have thinner, weaker compensate for this, you have to vigilant about keeping it moisturized....a routine wld involve shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo (do not use ones with alcohol or sulfates as first ingredient as these wld be drying, leading to breakage), deep condition/hot oil treatment weekly, for daily styling use a leave in conditioner or leave in conditioning pomade---do not block the scalp ducts with heavy greases (i.e. petroleum jelly does not belong on most of our scalps)

the best look, the healthiest hair, the simplest care, the strongest, longest hair ive seen has been natural (un-relaxed) hair...even when natural hair is braided, i do not see the thinning that i see in those with relaxed hair.

dreadlocks may or may not be an option for you, but its amazing how fast the hair seems to grow with them, thats becuase the hair that we normally shed is trapped within the lock, adding to the length of it...

African American Hair Growth!!!?

limit the amount of time your hair is braided and allow it to breath for at least a week between the braids. You should see a professional to start out with a good hair care regimine, at least for 2 months, twice a month. And then you can cut back to once every two months to have your ends trimmed.

So at home remedies are:

try a good moisturizing shampoo

a good deep conditioner or leave in conditioner

hot oil treatments

and keep your scalp oiled, at least every other night

nightly scalp massages also help

African American Hair Growth!!!?

You asked: "How do I get my African American hair to grow?"

Simple - keep getting braids and stop perming your hair. I'm assuming you have a good braider that is not contributing to hair thinning / loss by braiding too tightly.

Trim your ends between each set of braids until the perm is completely gone. When all the perm is gone, you can get your natural hair braided without the added hair.

If you're willing to consider locs, look into Bradelocz. This is basically putting braids in your hair once and never taking them out - allowing them to loc.

Also, think about Sisterlocks. They are created with a method similar to braiding, but are typically very small in diameter.

If you like the look of braids, wear them all the time, and want something relatively low maintenance, Bradelocz or Sisterlocks may be the answer you're looking for. Without actually seeing your scalp and knowing whether or not you have any special circumstances, I can almost guarantee your natural real hair will grow as long as you want with either method.

Hope this helps, Kaya

African American Hair Growth!!!?


this site has helped me to learn the dynamics of my african american well as my daughter's..and so far both our hair is growing ..and i'm loving the new knowledge and all the ladies over there are very will learn a lot!!!!!!!

African American Hair Growth!!!?

they say that you can put in in braids and they have to be tight and then it will make your hair grow and it all depends on the hair

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