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I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

I just got joint-custody of my little girl (she's 3) and I'm happier than I ever thought. However, being a guy with not a lot of experience with hair, I need help for when she stays over. She loves to have her hair done, and it's usually by her grandmother. I can do ponytails and pigtails, but she wants braids and French braids and buns, and I have no idea. She always asks me to braid her hair and stuff and I have no idea how! It makes me feel terrible because she always looks so disappointed with my attempts.

Also, her hair is just like mine. It is very thin. It's actually to her mid-back, but because it's so thin, it looks much shorter. This makes it even more difficult to deal with her hair.

I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

Do you have any girl friends or even people at work who are female? You may want to ask one of them to help you so you know what to do. The best thing for you to do is just practice. Just play with her hair. Tell her that daddy wants to play with her hair and that when he's done she can play with daddy's hair-- oh, and take pictures because it will be funny.

A ponytail is pretty simple. There are also tools at Walgreens that make french braiding a lot easier. Go to you tube and look for videos.

I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

For a braid take 3 different strands of her hair. Take the one strand on the right side and cross it over the one in the middle, then take the one on the left side and cross it over the one that is now in the middle. Next take the one on the right side and cross it over the that is in the middle. Keep doing that pattern! Hope this helps!

I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

try regular braids for now...

brush your daughters hair, divide it vertically into 3 sections, and bring the right section over the middle section, the left section over the middle section, and repeat all the way down the head, and tie it with a rubberband. then you can do 2 braids and things liek that.

if you want more ideas, you can get headbands and colorful hairclips, she'll probably be really interested in that cause she's 3.


I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

BRAIDING IS SIMPLE! get three strand of hair, and put the left strand in the middle of the right strand and the middle one. then put the right one in the middle of the left and the middle one. keep on repeating. and just tell her that her hair is too short to make buns. but u can make small little buns.

I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

Congratulations on stepping up to the active parenting plate. It's not often that you see fathers making an attempt to style their little girl's hair. Big ups. You should probably ask her mother or grandmother to put her hair in braids before she comes to visit. If they are trying to make you look bad then find a neighbor to comb your baby's hair. Buy her a doll and let her comb the dolls hair in the style she wants her own. You should give it a try. If she doesn't like it, then compare it with the style she created. I'm sure that hers wouldn't be much better. Then explain to her that you did try your best just like she did. Let her know that you tried your best and when she acts like she doesn't like it it hurts your feelings. You have to teach her to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Don't give up. Let her play in your hair and you practice with hers. Eventually you'll get better. Watch grandma or the neighbor style it the way she likes and take notes.

Good luck

I need tips on how to style my daughter's hair.?

Okay, let me teach you how to do both braids and French braids, and how to do a bun ... but you are NOT to touch your daughter's hair until you feel 'confident' you won't 'mess it up' ... if she asks, tell her you are 'learning from an expert' but you can't do her hair UNTIL you know how.

First, go shopping. Buy a stick at least 2-4" wide by 3' long. Take it home and cut off one foot and nail it to one end to make a T. (GEE, I KNOW YOU CAN DO THAT ... YOU ARE A MAN AND WORKING WITH WOOD IS COMFORTABLE.) Next you want a 'full skein' of yarn (please get the least expensive yarn of a medium thickness, that is not sold in a 'twist' but has been 'wound to use directly from the skein). Get some scissors and a yard stick, and start cutting ... you'll need at least 36 strands that are 6' long (wrap it around the end of the yard stick once and cut at the 'cut end' for six feet. Put a rubberband at the top, about 1/2 inch from the cut ends. Put one nail in the center of your T and let the 'strings' hang down. Separate the strings into three bunches of twelve strings each. Put one string in your left hand and two (separated by one finger) in your right hand. Take the outer/top bunch and fold it fairly tightly over the middle (lower right) hand, and grab it so it's 'under' the strands in your left hand. Take the top bunch and fold that tightly over the lower strand and grab it with your right hand so it's lower ... and just keep doing that same move, over and over again until you have about 2" left, then hold all three strands in your left hand, grab a rubber band, and put that on the end tightly enough to 'hold' the strands together. You'll have to do this several times before it becomes something you 'don't have to think about' and you'll want to think about the 'tension' because when you are braiding your daughter's hair, you want to braid to be 'tight enough to hold' but not so tight it pulls at her scalp. When you think you are ready, put her hair in a pony-tail with a hair band (anywhere on her head is fine, she'll be PROUD of you for learning how to braid her hair) and braid it ... this time you'll want to divide her hair into three strands and braid those ... thinner hair so you'll need 'more' but it will work beautifully and 'look good' because you have practiced.

Next, is the French braid ... and I want you to take the 'top' off the T and 'tie' some 6' long strands of yarn around the shorter piece of wood, then nail that to the longer piece of wood so that you can 'fix it' in place. Ready ... first 'part the strands into two, then start at the top (which represents your daughter's forehead) with three strands of 12 each ... but each time you 'fold over' I want you to grab at least six more strands and 'add them' to the original 12 strands ... and braid until you come to the end, and all the strands are braided in. That is a French braid ... it's a bit more difficult on a human head, and you'll need a good 'tail comb' so you can 'part the hair' as you gather it by using the 'tail' (not the comb) but you can do it with practice.

Finally ... the 'bun.' Because your daughter is only 3, I suggest that you use ONLY the 'ponytail bun' ... put her hair into a ponytail (again, it can be anywhere on her head as long as it's not 'right at her forehead') then twist the hair hanging down to 'gather it together' and start 'winding it' around the band ... when you get close to the end (about 3") you will need to 'tuck it in' (to 'hide' the ends) and then you want to use good 'hairpins' (they are the kind that are OPEN and of thin wire, not the thicker 'bobby pin') to anchor it. Since your daughter is young, I suggest you get some cute 'bun holders ... crocheted 'sacks' to help hold her bun in place. They come in EVERY COLOR and with flowers and other little 'cute plastic thingys' and you can eventually spend a fortune ... but for the first buy only three ... black, white, and one color (which should match one of her 'outfits') ...

Now, Dad ... after you have 'practiced' and are accomplished, you may PROUDLY say, when asked, 'Yeah, I did it myself.' Except for one thing ... your daughter will probably tell people 'Daddy did it himself' first.

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