Monday, November 16, 2009

Short Hair Help? (pic included)?

i have short hair and it's naturaly straight but i have volume and thick hair and i want it to look like this:

but how? should i straighten it first then curl it, or straighten it and then curl the first layer of my hair or straighten then braid my hair???? what should i do?


Short Hair Help? (pic included)?

I say wash it and then put a straightning balm in it and blow dry with your dryer facing down from your scalp to the ends of your hair use one of thoes skinny connection things that looks like a duck beek that clips on the front of a dryer all the new ones come with it. then put a tiny drop of anti frizz and straighten it in layers and then after that take a FAT curling iorn and curl it in big fat strips and spray lots of hairspray. My advice to make it stay longer is when you curl it take a bobby pin and pin it up and hairspray it do your make up and then take the bobby pins. HOPE THIS WORKS i know its a lot of work but it will look nice

Short Hair Help? (pic included)?

you should first put gel and moose then straighten it... then get an curling iron and curl it... make sure you do it a little loose so it wont stick and stay together... HOPE THIS WORK!

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