Monday, November 16, 2009

Making cute wavy actress hair??

I watch what i like about you occasionally and i wish my hair would look like Amanda B. cant spell last name. I had got my cosmo in and it said braid your hair in 3'' sections and try blow drying hair upside down, finger comb it.

It just did nt come out very well. Any tips, my hair is in mid back and not thin but not thick...

thanks in advance

Making cute wavy actress hair??

The braiding should have worked make sure that you use a product in it like a gel or something to give it some hold. Then the person before is right. The 3 barrell curling iron is amazing. You can get them almost everywhere. It looks like a normal curling iron but with 3 rods on it to curl rather than just the one. You would use it kind of like a crimping iron. Opening it and then clamping down on the hair, then opeing and then clamping down from root to end in sections. Gives a very nice effect. They come in different sizes for varied effects!! Hope this helped!!

Making cute wavy actress hair??

why don't you just 3 barrel it?

Making cute wavy actress hair??

when you get out of the shower.... comb through your hair, with a towel try to pat out lots of water, then put some gel in your hair (not on the scalp, just the hair.) scrunch it up with your fingers and dry it upside down using a difuser on the end of your blow dryer... continuing to scrunch it up and adding more gel as you dry it. when it is 100% dry and cool, do not comb or brush it... lightly run your fingers through it like a comb.

you can buy a diffuser at any store, even something like a rite-aid or target or anything... they're not expensive and they just click onto the end of your blow dryer.

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