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How do you get curly hair?

I have insanely thick hair that's about 3 - 4 inches past my shoulder. I've been using some anti-poof stuff that's been working really well, and I have VERY loose waves. I've straightened it a lot, so they're almost straight. I've been wanting some curly hair lately, and I've french-braided my hair, but either my hair won't be dry in the morning, or it just looks really bad. And curling hair is out for me at this moment as I hate curling irons, and my straightener pretty much died. I'm getting a new hair dryer and a diffuser, but that won't be for a while..and scrunching won't work, and perm's def. out. i've had BAD experience with it, and i'm NOT going back.

uhm. help?

How do you get curly hair?

I've told people to use their flat iron and twist sections of hair, and since your hair is thick, I would use the highest settings.

But since your flat iron is out of comission, another technique that has worked for me is to use large bobby pins (I like Goody), likethe ones that are about 2" long, and take sections of hair, and roll it up like you would do with rollers. Then next is the important part, spray your hair with a good hairspray, I like Dove extra hold because it's quite flexible, and then you take a blow dryer, and you heat up your hair for a while (you don't want to fry it though). I would do this all at night, and then when you wake up, spray again, and release the bobby pins. These curls tend to be a lot softer looking in a way. The only thing is that it takes forever to section and roll your hair.

My best advice is to get a new flat iron. That thing works miracles, whether you're going straight or curly.

How do you get curly hair?

If you don't mind, I'm going to copy and paste what I typed on someone else's question lol. But no worries, I have almost the exact same hair except my hair is like.. loose curls %26amp; is only about 1-2 inches past my shoulders when curly.

For shampoo %26amp; conditioner, I use Garnier Fructis Curl %26amp; Shine: the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner. This is what I use on hair washing days.

When I'm styling for school or whatever, I wet my hair (squeeze the water out with a towel, don't actually rub. Also, don't comb your hair because it will take out the curl. If you want to comb your hair, finger-comb while wetting your hair) and then apply a moisturizer (but this is because I'm half black, so you can probably skip this) and a gloss to stop frizz %26amp; make my hair not look dry. After, I apply Sunsilk Frizz Ease (the green bottle). Usually I apply mousse (Tresseme Curl Care) to hold, but today I didn't and my hair was fine. Some people suggest using hairspray, but I stick with trusty mousse.

If you were wondering, all of these products use your hair smelling good. Trust me, I've been complimented on it, haha.

Also, I want to try Garnier Curl %26amp; Shine products, like the curl creme %26amp; mousse since the shampoo %26amp; conditioners work so well, but I'm going to wait until after my current products run out.

You can scrunch your hair if you like, but I never got the hang of scrunching; my hair always ended up looking the same. Also, you can use a diffuser (I heard it defines your curls more), but air drying works perfectly fine for me.

And there you go! :] I hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions.

Sorry its so long! D:

How do you get curly hair?

You can't change the fact that you have wavy hair. I have pin straight hair and can NEVER get it curly. The shape of your hair folicle depends on what kind of hair you have. You said no to all other options for making your hair tempralrily curly. The only thing I can think of is to take a shower about an hour or so before bed, then braid it in a few french braids and sleep on it. it should be dry or almost dry by morning. then spray it w/ hairspray. Hope I helped!

How do you get curly hair?

i put curclers in my hair and it comes out like marilyn monroes with some hairspray

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