Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

I've noticed the hair in the middle of my head is breaking off, and I have no idea why. I am very concerned!

See pics:

I have relaxed, medium/shoulder length hair.

I take good care of it, regular haircuts etc. I don't use hair extensions, or cornrow/braid my hair.

I've started wrapping my hair each night since December (could that be to blame?)

Please, if you've had a similar problem, or you can suggest a site or other info, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your responses! =)

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

It just might be that time of season and you're molting...


And here:

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

do you straighten your hair? that maybe some of the problem.

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

There are a bunch of reasons why your hair could be doing that, and to be honest, I'm not really sure why. But I can suggest using leave in conditioner because it's really healthy for your hair. Put it in on damp hair, and it will be soft, healthy, and it smells good! You can also use Bed Head Hair Manipulator to take care of these hairs, and to make sure they don't show when you go out.

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

it could be stress wich has a bad effect on all of your body, or it could be just a genetic thing that would only require gel or you could cut the hairs that stand up there, it doesnt seem like its a big problem so i wouldnt consider asking a stlyist

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

hm, im not an expert, but i heard on 10 years younger today that brushing your hair when its wet can cause MAJOR breakage. maybe that could be to blame.

sorry, thats all i could think of. =[

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

its brittle wrappin it could be the blame ask ur stylist what u should do

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

i really have no idea why this would be happening other them it being damaged by hair color. I have seend hai like this and it was because of dying the hair too frequently and it damages it just like that and it breaks off. so if you dye your hair then stop. because thats only going to make it worse. but I would suggest that you go to a local barbor/hairsalon. and have someone just look at your hair and tell them your hairs history. and they would be able to tell exactly what the problem is and how to fix it or help in anyway you can. good luck.

also straightening your hair isnt good either. like people who straighten thier hair everyday there going to have major damage. and this could be the start of that major damage for you if this is the case. but definatly stop by to see a good hair professional to get the best info on what to do specifically for your hair! ok honey.

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

It could not be actual hair breaking off but new hair growing in. You lose hair all the time and you get new hair in its place if not more. If it is indeed breaking off, treat it w/ some good conditioner and put some in overnight then rinse in the morning.

Mine looks like that around my face especially above my temple area, by my ears and some on top of my head. Mine is new hair coming in.

Why is my hair doing this? (See pictures)?

it looks like it is getting frizzy. do you blow dry your hair or straighten it...that may be the prob. maybe lay off the styling for a week and see what happens.

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