Monday, November 16, 2009

Curl my hair?

my hair is naturally wavy and i have a lot of layers in my hair so when it air dries it gets poofy. And i want to get my hair really nice and curly, but i've tried a lot of curling shampoos and conditioners but they don't work. here are the ones i have used:

*garnier curl %26amp; shine

*herbel essence, the purple bottled one

*and dove.

what other ones do you suggest?

i also braided my hair but that makes it poofy too. so in the end i just end up straightening everything at it's so plain. what other kinds of shampoos %26amp; conditioners work? does redken?

Curl my hair?

just dont curl it it can look better sometimes

Curl my hair?

why don't you try curlers?

Curl my hair?

You gotta try Mixed Chicks products. That poofy thing? The do something in their products that is spectacular. And it is pretty simple. You shampoo, condition, then put their leave-in conditioner on your hair wet and air dry. That is it. (

You can order on the net and the shipping is fairly quick.

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