Monday, November 16, 2009

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

Ok well im 13... and everynight when i get outta the shower i have my mom french braid my hair so i can get that wavy look in the morning..well it looks really really good and everybody complimented me on it today and they say how much better i look then when my hair is straight...but here is the mom said last night was the last night she was going to french braid it...and so now..i dont know how to get the wavy look...i've tried using a curling iron and only burnt myself..and they were CURLS not waves and i hate curls...and then i tried scrunching it..and the 1st time i tried it came out really frizzy..and then the 2nd time i tried it wouldnt dry at all and it looks really bad and i hate the sticky feeling of what can i learn to braid by myself..or to make it wavy...please answer :D THANKS!

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

theres a few things you can do

1 learn to braid your hair which you can do by going on youtube and typing "how to french braid hair" heres the link...

2. you can buy a tripple barrell curling iron which is pretty much two curling irons you use as a clamp. i have one and it works great except if you're hair is short like mine it wont work as well unless you know how to do it very well, which takes practice. heres the link...

3. you can learn to use a regula curling iron to creat wavers but they're going to be more natural looking waves such as this girls hair...

what you want to do in order not to get curls and end up with some nice waves like the girl in the picture is to NOT USE THE CURLING IRON LIKE INTENDED...forget the curling iron has the clamp and just wrap the hair around the barrel (kind of like if you were using a long hot tick, which is pretty much all a curling iron really is)...its best if you flip the curling iron upside down because you'll end up holding the ends of your hair at the edge of the curling iron so be careful not to get burned. it looks better if you dont add hair spray because it wont look as stiff so i would try using a curl boosting spray followed by a finishing spray when i finish.


How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

well the Q is did u scrunch it the right way? Well ur suppost to take a shower in THE MORNING and dry it w/ a towel were it is still wet, then u take the gel and scrunch it and it works!

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

badaboom! :) it works great, trust me

totally that just after french braid look.

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

get a crimper, one of those things that actually waves your. hair it has a plate and is like a straightner. Try conair!

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

i would say to learn to braid it yourself......and you could get a shampoo for wave hair....that could help a lot to!

good luck!

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

Learn to french braid it yourself. Or you could get a perm, I think it's called a spire ll perm. It would probably be easier to learn to do it yourself though.

How to make my hair wavy!?!?!?

your probablyy scrunching it wrong ...try this:

me and my friends also hate the feeling of the wet sticky hair on your neck so while you scruntch it use a blow dryer and as your scrunching your hair up blow it with the blow dryer (while your holding the hair in your hair) will make the gel harden and dry and when you let go of your hair its wavyer and dry=)

hopee i helppedd


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