Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How can i get my hair to curl?

i think i've tried everything, curly shampoos, mooses, braiding my hair when its wet and curling irons it just wont do it, its always comes out messed up i just want nice bouncy curls, what can i do?

How can i get my hair to curl?

It totally depends on what type of hair you have.

I personally, have very curly hair, but it is naturally frizzy, and completely unmanageable. A good friend of mine, on the other hand, has very straight hair that nearly always refuses to curl.

If you have thick hair, I would suggest using gel AND mousse right out of the shower, then braiding it, and leaving it in until it dries. Keep in mind, though, that gel and mousse usually only look nice for a day, then make your hair look dry and dead. Or, blow-dry your hair right out of the shower with a round brush, then use a curling iron. If that isn't working, you might want to put it on a higher setting or use an industrial-strength iron, like one you find in a hair salon.

If you have very thin hair, though, you might be out of luck. Sometimes it just refuses to curl. Honestly, I wish I had that problem.

If you're really stuck, you could try using curlers. They sound outdated and old-fashioned, but they work very well.

Truly, "nice, bouncy curls," as you put it, are very hard to come by unless they're natural. But don't give up hope. Straight hair is a thousand times easier to deal with and can look very pretty.

Good luck!

How can i get my hair to curl?

what I would do is after I get out of the shower, scrunch your hair and put moose in your hair so it will hold. Then let it hair dry scrunching it every 5 minutes or so until it dries.

How can i get my hair to curl?

I use hard roller, they are big and look like barrels. Also I have used the sponge rollers. They work great too.

this is a picture of me when I curled it with the hard barrell


How can i get my hair to curl?

You can use a 1" straightner to curl your hair. If you go to your local mall, they have hair straightner stands. They will show you have to curl it, its really easy. It made my hair really curly and also loose curls. Check it out...

How can i get my hair to curl?

if you have straight hair, you should skip the shampoo and let your hair air dry. then, it'll be a little wavier. you can try putting them in those heat rollers, those help and they're easy. or in velcro rollers, which gives it volumes. but i would suggest using heat rollers if you cant use a curling iron. then when the hair is cooled, run your fingers through it to make it look more natural.

How can i get my hair to curl?

Check this video out, it shows you how to do a pretty curl with a straightening iron.


How can i get my hair to curl?

When your hair is wrapped around the curling iron hairspray it so it can stay in place!

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