Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hair extensions, Cinderella or fusion....braided?

Does anybody know the best method of putting in hair extensions? A few years ago i had the big weft of hair glued in but it was hot on my head and stiff, u couldnt pull your hair up, so i wanna try the individual strands because it seems that is better for pulling hair up and more freedom. From what i have researched so far it seems like the Cinderella extensions is what im looking for because i dont really want it braided in, whats the difference between cinderella and fusion? which is the best price and what does it usually cost? because i dont want to spend a fortune. anybody have any advice or pics? and also which is least damaging?

Hair extensions, Cinderella or fusion....braided?

One of my personnal favourites is Micro Rings (links). I know a few people who have them and they look real. I didn't notice till she told me they where micro rings. I couldn't believe it, they looked so real and pretty.

Even though that is an Ebay link, it tells you how to put them in and what they look like.

I've never heard of the Cinderella method, though i pressume that would be quite expensive....if its one strand on one strand.

Good luck [:

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