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Black Hair Care Advice?

I've always had very thin, short and unhealthy hair and has never had anyone to help me take care of it.Now I'm 17 and I am finally trying to take care of my hair but I don't know how to. My hair is short, dry, very brittle and very thin.I first permed my hair when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I still perm it every two months.Before I would just put it in a pony tail, cornrows, individual braids (human hair) and I now sow weave which has made my hair worst then before.I used every type of hair product and read learned that natural products should work good for my hair type, I haven't yet used natural products but I read that Carol's Daugter and Beauty 4 Ashes are my best choice.

I want to know should I continue to get my hair washed and set once a week and perm it every two months using natural products or should I cut it off and grow out the perm by either continuing to sow in the weave or get individual braids and get them done over every two months and what type of hair?

Black Hair Care Advice?

I think you should buy motions CPR treatment and put it and and sit under a blowdryer for like 30 mins every two weeks and stop perming your hair just let the perm grow out and get you hair trimmed every two weeks. And if you want you hair to be straight like if you had a perm just flat iron it. Thats what i did but i usually keep it in individuals and it is growing and becoming more healthy. And another thing if you are going to get individuals dont let them stay in for more that 4 weeks

Black Hair Care Advice?

Your hair sounds like it needs moisture.

I would suggest washing your hair with conditioner at least once a week,you can go to the salon and request it but you can do it at home too.

Good moisturizing conditioners are Nexxus Humectress,Keracare Humecto or any V05 conditioner.

When you get relaxers ask the stylist to leave a little texture so your hair won't be overprocessed.

Also limit heat usage and ALWAYS use a heat protectant when flat ironing.

Black Hair Care Advice?

DO NOT PERM YOUR HAIR ANY MORE. I REPEAT DO NOT PERM YOUR HAIR ANY MORE. The perm is most like the reason why your hair is thin short and brittle.That is what happen to me when I had a perm .You will also need to cut all of the perm out of your hair. You should try getting braids for about a years to get your hair healthy .Here are some product that help me to get my hair once again.

Black Hair Care Advice?

The best product to use is anything from Dr. Miracles or Doo Gro hair care products.

Leave the weaves alone.

Start using the products I mentioned and start messaging your scalp and hair line and temple are with a hair dressing that contains natural oils, vitamins and minerals. Do this at least two times a week.

Stop washing your hair every week. African Americans do not need to wash their hair that often because it causes our hair to loose it natural oils. We are suppose to wash our hair every 10-14 days.

Black Hair Care Advice?

Perms can be very damaging to black hair. Some people can wear them, but for many black women they cause the symptoms you are experiencing - dry, short, brittle, thin hair. In addition, weaves and braids, especially braids that are too tight, or that are done with someone else's hair, cause hair loss for many people because they exert constant tension on the hairline.

I strongly suggest that you stop perming your hair and you work on taking care of it in its natural state. The hardest part of learning to take care of black hair naturally is when you first start out. After you get used to it, it becomes much easier. Some people choose to chop off all of their relaxed hair and just start over fresh. Others let the relaxer grow out gradually and work with different styles while this is happening.

For some information on how to take care of your hair visit for books and visit for natural hair care products.

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